Monday, July 29, 2019

Twists and Turns

Sometimes I wish I could snap my fingers and be pregnant. And if I could be pregnant tomorrow, I would be. After 4 years of trying, there is still this flicker of hope that maybe, just maybe this month is the month. 

I started buying a candy bar when I buy a pregnancy test, because when I see that negative line (again), the candy bar is there to make it all better! And then I cry in the arms of Taylor, because he last longer then a candy bar and gives me real love. 

Aren't we so cute?  
 I got to say, being brave when you feel those mountains in front, can be really hard at times. I don't know about you, but braving it to baby shower after baby shower can be weary. One baby shower though, because I don't have baby things to talk about, I decided to leave early and just walk out after the gifts were unwrapped. It was a great feeling!  I said goodbye and walked away. It was truly a day that I felt positive about my situation, thinking of all the terrible things pregnant women go through and knowing I wouldn't have to do that.

A friend of mine, going through infertility too, mentioned that she can sleep in whenever she wants. I guess we are all trying to see the positive and not let it get us down. Mountains can be soared over, not just climbed.

Isn't he cute? He is my life line through this all. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

This is Us

We met at the swimming pool of our adjoining apartment complexes on May 17th 2014. We started dating soon after and on August 5th we got engaged!

Just been proposed to!

We got married on October 11th, 2014 in the Draper Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 
Our Wedding Day!

After 4 years of being married we made the decision to find our little ones through adoption. We love our family and cannot wait to for our little ones to join us. ❤

So much love to give!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Home Study

After researching through the resources that LDS Services provided us, we decided to do our home study through Utah Adoption Specialists, which we highly recommend. We contacted them through their website and one of their case workers emailed us shortly after. We sent up a phone interview to see if we were eligible to adopt.  It was brief "get to know you" and questions about our backgrounds. We passed the phone interview! And we were off to start the home study.

I highly recommend Utah Adoption Specialists!

We had a pile of  paperwork to do and a back ground check before the actually home study. This took us a couple weeks to complete and then we were just waiting on the back ground checks to go through.

Our case worker contacted us in December and scheduled a time early January for the home study.
Along with cleaning and organizing our apartment, I made sure to watch the episode of Friends when Monica had her home study to prep me for it. It was nothing like what you see on T.V (I figured).

Episode on Friends of their home study :)

The Home Study:

Our caseworker came over and for two hours went over all the questions in our paperwork. She then walked around the apartment to see if we had a fire extinguisher, fire alarm, carbon dioxide detector our cleaning chemicals up high and a trigger lock for Taylor's gun. She said everything looked great! I just had to re-do my finger prints for my background check and re-fill out one of the forms.

Now that the home study is done, we can adopt at any time! It is the big first step to adoption and we feel like we are finally making progress.

Happy to have the big first step done! 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Adoption: Baby Steps

Once we made the decision to adopt, we then wanted to get more information on how to get started. We first talked with our Bishop, who referred  us to  LDS services. They currently don't do adoption services anymore, but they are willing to give you resources and help you get started. We made an appointment with LDS services and were excitedly and anxious to talk with them.

We meet with a child therapist from LDS services who was able to sit and talk with us about adoption. She was really nice and took the time to just talk with us and help us in this starting phase. She gave us a folder with resources for home study's, agencies and attorneys and information that was very helpful and insightful with adoption.

She mentioned that the grieving process with infertility would not go away, simply with adoption, but needs to be taken care of before adopting. That struck a cord with me and tears broke the flood gates as we came home. I still was struggling with my own grief and knew I needed to fully let myself heal.

I know what is like going through infertility, I know how scary it is to decide to do something complete different then planned and I know how grateful I am that our path has lead us where we are today. I feel more ready to be a mom and more excited and settled in however that may come to be.

Love, Casey

Adoption: Our Decision

Doctor's give options of medical procedures, medications and other tests to help with infertility. All of these options are good and can help. But what happens when they don't? What is the goal of getting pregnant? Is it not to have a beautiful baby to love and raise and to be a part of your family? For us, we can have that end goal of having a beautiful baby to love and raise and be part of our family, through adoption!
I am so grateful adoption is an option to be parents!
I mentioned to a doctor that we were considering adopting and the doctor dismissed the idea and told me it was too soon to think about that. Why not? Why not consider adoption, whether I can get pregnant or not. It is not an end all, failure or the"last option". It is the best option for our family! I wish more women were open to the idea or even knew of this option. Our lives won't ever fit into a perfect cookie cutter version of someone else's. We all have different roads that take us to unique and beautiful places that are good and that make us who we are.

Our journey is beautiful, wherever it may take us. 

I am grateful that we have felt inspired to adopt! We are never alone on our path in life, there is one that knows us, loves us and is walking beside us, encouraging us to keep going and doing our best. This is our Savior, Jesus Christ. We feel that this was a decision we made long before in another life and we are now realizing this decision, this dream, this wish as we are on this path to adoption.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Adoption: Starting Our Journey

We have been trying to start our little family for the last three years with no luck. We were seeing Dr.'s and just did not feel right about pursing medical options. Adoption is the only thing that brought us peace! It is what we want to do and we are excited to be on this journey towards adopting our baby!
We started thinking about adoption fall of 2018. 

We are in this together! We both feel like this is our family's path.

We are so lucky we get to be parents!